The New Motorized Roll-up Bed/Cabinet  
This revolutionary, fully automatic roll-up bed, comes in kit form, in sizes up to queen. With this system you can achieve with 5’ of wall space, what would have previously taken up to 12’. Included is a high-end sleep system. All with the press of a single button. Below: Video clip of rollout bed in action (9.4 Meg AVI)
  Below: Smaller video clip of rollout bed in action (3.7 Meg AVI)
This cabinet contains both a bed and an office  
Same cabinet, with bed rolled out  
Same cabinet with bed retracted and office open for business.  
Another cabinet containing a hidden rollup bed. Above: Bed starting to emerge from cabinet
Above: Making multiple use of a room with a spectacular view of the city. Above: Bed is fully extended
Above: Another photo of bed fully extended  
Above: Bed mechanism exposed to view  
New Rollup Bed

Imagine a bed that hides away in the back of a cabinet during the day and emerges at night at the touch of a button. Welcome to a more spacious future.

Anyone out there with cable or DSL internet access is invited to download the following short video clips (in avi format) that show the rollup bed in action. The clips are 3.7 meg each:

Rollup Bed Clip 2

Rollup Bed Clip 3